Terms & Conditions

And Move London Removals - Terms & Conditions are to ensure that all parties involved in the removals process know what their responsibilities are.


By entering the contract you declare that: 

1.1 The goods to be moved are your own property, or the person who own of the goods and has given you permission sign the contract.

1.2 You will meet any claim for damages, and any costs against the our company if these declarations are not true.


2.1 The price for the services is as specified in the separate proposal and does not include customs, duties, inspections or any other fees or taxes payable to any statutory body.

2.2 Payment is required by cleared funds once the removal has been completed.

2.3 We accept payment by cash and bank transfer.


3.1 Our quotation does not constitute a contract and accordingly there is no contract between us until you have our written confirmation that we can move your goods on the required date. 

3.2 We reserve the right to amend the price in our quotation to take account of changes of circumstances which were not taken into account when preparing our quotation and are confirmed by us in writing. That may include the following:

3.2.1 Increased costs resulting from currency fluctuations or freight charges.

3.2.2 Collection or delivery the goods at your request above the ground floor and first upper floor (if not agreed in advance).

3.2.3 We supply any additional services not included within the quotation, including the moving.

3.2.4 We have to dismantling or reassembling any furniture, fixtures, fittings or equipment.

3.2.5 We are unable to obtain access to the delivery or collection point or such accesses inadequate or inappropriate for our vehicles.

3.2.6 We have to pay parking or other charges, or there are delays or events outside our reasonable control which increase the cost or resources required to complete the work. Such events include waiting for keys while exchanging contracts, etc. If a fixed price has been agreed to the moving service, hourly rate applies as per our pricelist.


4.1 You must to declare in writing to us the value of the goods being removed/stored, unless you elect for our liability to be limited to GBP 500 per item.

4.2 Obtain at your own expense all permissions, consents, licences, permits or customs documents required for the removal of the goods.

4.3 Be present, either personally, or through an authorised representative, during the collection and delivery process.

4.4 Prepare all appliances prior to their removal.

4.5 Take reasonable precautions to prevent the unauthorised removal of goods not belonging to you and check to ensure that your goods are duly removed.

4.6 Provide proper protection for goods left unattended or in unoccupied premise.

4.7 We will not be liable for any loss, damage, cost or additional expense that may occur as a result of your failure to fulfil these obligations unless by reason of our own negligence or breach of contract.


5.1 The following items are not permitted to be removed unless previously agreed and an inventory is submitted in writing:

5.1.1 Jewellery, watches, precious stones or metals, money, deeds, securities, stamps, coins or goods or collections. Stolen items, drugs or dangerous and damaging or explosive items, including gas bottles, firearms, etc.

5.1.2 Any animals and their cages, or tanks including birds or fish.

5.2  If you have any goods you are unsure of then please request permission to be moved by our team.


6.1 We do not have a cancellation or postponement fees. We would appreciate you contacting us as soon as possible should your request change.


7.1 Our liability for negligence or breach of contract or otherwise under common law in relation to your goods is limited to the value declared or £10,000 whichever is the least. If no such value is declared, or if you so elect, for the maximum amount of £500 per item.

7.2 We shall not be liable to the extent that loss or damage is caused or contributed to by moving your goods under your express instructions or against our advice which is likely to cause damage.

7.3 You must notify us as soon as possible of any damage to your premises or property other than goods submitted for removal.

8. Excluded Risks8.1 We are not liable for the following:

8.1.1 Scratching, denting, staining and tearing of items packed by you including trunks, suitcases, boxes, etc..This policy exclude claims for missing items unless a valued list of contents is supplied by you to us prior to commencement of transit and such list approved by us.

8.1.2 Damage or loss the jewellery, watches, precious stones, precious metals, coins, money, deeds, bonds, securities and stamps or collections of similar kind except whilst secured in a locked safe.

8.1.3 Loss or damage caused by wear and tear, gradual deterioration, warping or shrinkage, moth or vermin unless it can reasonably be demonstrated that such loss or damage arose as a result of our actions or failings of those of our subcontractors, agents or servants.

8.2 Any disappearance of customers goods in transit unless evidence can be provided to prove beyond all reasonable doubt that the loss is solely attributable to the dishonesty or connivance of our employees.

8.3 None of our employees will have any separate liability to you.

8.4 Our liability is limited to the reasonable cost of repair and no claim will be considered in respect of any depreciation in value of any item as a result of repair.

8.5 The 3.5 tonne van can be loaded with one tonne worth of goods only. The driver has decided whether the van is overloaded or whether more goods can be loaded in the vehicle. It can be checked on demand at local recycling centres at the cost of £20 payable by the client. The driver will inform you if additional vans or more journeys are needed.


These Terms and Conditions are subject to the Law of England and Wales.