Packing materials

The boxes will be the main form of packing material required when you move home, but please do not buy the cheap and light duty moving boxes. We can supply a good quality removal boxes around South West London. Our delivery of packing material be subject to a fixed £20 fee.

Wardrobe Box - £11 

Double Wall 18 x 18 x 18" -  £3.50

Double Wall 18 x 12 x 12" -  £2.50

Brown Tape -  £2.00

Black Shrink Wrap -  £14.00

10 KG white paper off cuts -  £21.00

750mmx100m Bubble Wrap £24.50


As And Move is an eco friendly removals company, we can supply a recycling boxes.


Alternatively, you can buy a good cardboard boxes directly from our supplier.